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Please enter your information in the fields below. Note that the login id is case sensitive. This means that a login id value of 'john_doe' will be different than a login id value of 'John_Doe'. So when you log in at the Harvard PIN page, you must type your login id exactly as you enter it here.

However, the email address is not case sensitive. So an email address of '' is considered the same as a value of 'John_Doe@Harvard.Edu'. If you are choosing the option of using your email address as your login id, these rules will still apply. This means that when you log in at the Harvard PIN page, you must type your email address exactly as you enter it here.

If entering an email address, please make sure to confirm it and double check the address for accuracy. Entering an incorrect email address will prevent you from receiving an activation email and completing the registration process.

Be aware that XID account creation is almost instantaneous, but new account data may not be available to systems using XIDs for up to a few hours. (New XID users will be able to log in to the XID web site, but may not be able to access any other applications during that time period.)

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